EOS account security risk: How the attack happens and how to defend it?

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EOS account security risk: How the attack happens and how to defend it?

Sluggish haze safety and security group warns of EOS account protection risk. The group discussed that the EOS wallet designer purely courts the node confirmation (at the very least 15 verification nodes) to educate the individual that an account has been effectively produced. If it not properly judged then a phony account assault might happen.

How does the attack take place?

The assault can occur when a customer uses an EOS purse to sign up an account and also the pocketbook prompts that the enrollment succeeds, yet the judgment is not rigorous, the account essence is not registered yet. Individual utilize the account to take out cash money from a purchase. If any part of the procedure is malicious, it may create the customer to take out from an account that is not his own.

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How to defend against the attack?

Poll the node and also return the irreversible block details and afterwards prompt the success. The specific technical procedure consists of: push_transaction to get trx_id, demand interface BLOG POST/ v1/history/get _ purchase and in the return criterion, block_num is less than or equal to last_irreversible_block, which is irreversible.

Recently, a blockchain security business, PeckShield recently analyzed the safety of EOS accounts as well as located that some customers were utilizing a secret trick to severe safety and security threats. The located that the primary source of the issue is that the part of the secret trick generation device allows the users to make use of a weak mnemonic combination. And, the secret key that’s produced in this way is much more prone to “rainbow” assaults. It could even lead to the burglary of electronic possessions.

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PeckShield wrote, “The essence of the threat is brought on by an inappropriate use third-party EOS key-pair generation tools, including however not restricted to EOSTEA. With user-provided seeds, these devices significantly promote customers to produce their EOS key pairs.”

They additionally included a service stating, “… if a straightforward seed is selected (by the user) as well as permitted (by the tool), the created secrets could be revealed as well as exploited by introducing the rainbow table assault (or thesaurus assault).” They stated in their blog that in order to protect afflicted owners, PeckShield will be introducing a civil service called EOSRescuer.

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